Your treasure … your heart!

sermon notes iconFor where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  (Matthew 6:21)

Pastor Paul began a short series today on stewardship.  Our church owns property … a beautiful piece of property in our town. The leadership casts a vision of a neighborhood church … open and available to folks during the week.

The procuring of the property comes with an amazing story!  And now it is time to build the building.  The church has a goal to reach a sum of money to proceed.

Before purchasing the property, the church engaged in a month of prayer.  Our pastor is calling us to a month of prayer again, issuing the challenge to study scripture, listen well, and to consider how to give sacrificially in the building project.

He knows the challenge is tough.  The tentacles of materialism are entrenched deeply in our lives.  For now, it is enough that we consider what we treasure.  It’s not just what we say we treasure but what the hard evidence indicates … evidence being our wallets and calendars.

Tonight I’m pondering in what ways I am seeking the Kingdom … knowing where my treasure is, there will be my heart!



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