I’m Beth Ferguson.  Typically I introduce myself as Ron’s wife, Brad, Jason’s mom, the littles’ grandma, an educator, or “her” friend.  Seems like it is difficult to introduce oneself apart from relationships!

Clearly family is significant.  I currently live in Texas, moved here to be close to our sons and their families.  I love spending time with our grandsons, exploring Legos, books, the pool, local parks and more with them!

Education is also dear to me.  I learned much from teaching in a variety of educational settings across three states, including private and public schools, and at all three levels, elementary, middle and high schools. I had the privilege of leading 2 elementary schools as a principal, opening new buildings, and growing up a staff.  I retired a few years ago, but I still follow teachers, read about teaching, tutor kids, and teach part-time for an online university.

I am a Christ-follower since He sought me, wooed me to Himself, and offered me redemption.  I was saved as a young person, blessed to have grown up in a Christian family, to have had the benefit of Christian training in regular attendance in church.  Jesus makes all the difference in my life, and I can’t recommend Him enough!

Because I love God, I also love His Word.  Over the years I have read it in bits and pieces, read it through in a year, and most recently I’ve been reading large chunks, books at a time so that I can learn more and more!  I’ve read it aloud to others, taught it to children and adults, and find that still I learn something in the Word every time I look at it.

I write.  I write mostly to process my own learning, to think more deeply about scripture, to reflect.  Since you are reading this note, you have found my blog.  I hope that if you spend a little time reading the thoughts I’ve shared, you will be blessed.  

If you have questions, curious about Jesus, the Word, I’d love to engage with you in conversation. I invite you to message me at simpy.bethf@gmail.com

My prayer for you is this, May you delight in God, knowing the fullness of His love!  May you know Him to be the source of your strength, peace, and provision. And as you draw close to Him, may goodness and joy overflow to those around you!

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. mikegothard

    Hi Beth,

    Really enjoy your blog! Wondering if there is a way to subscribe via email (I’m notoriously bad at following blogs on the RSS feed)? If not, no worries 🙂


    1. instillnessthedancing Post author

      Hi Mike – I figured out how to add email subscription. Thanks for your comment and encouragement!


    1. instillnessthedancing Post author

      Hi Genviev,

      I hope you don’t mind that I used that quote … it was perfect and beautiful. I have hot-linked your name back to your website. I hope to peruse your book in the near future …

      Blessings today!

  2. Genviev Martin-Bernard

    Good morning Beth,

    Thank you for your kind words and link. Not a problem at all. It is always wonderful when our words find meaning in others’ thoughts and lives. Thank you for including “Emotions” in your blog.

    Many blessings,



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