to know him!

Sermon Notes

Love how worship leads us up the mountain … ready to meet with the King!

Why should I gain from His reward?
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom!

Why should I gain from his reward … how deep the Father’s love must be for me!

The pastor used an effective analogy in making his point that relationships are greater than a “to-do” list!  We don’t grow deep friendships or lasting marriages by following a checklist!  Instead we learn to love and know one another.

In John 14 – 16 the Scriptures offer insight in how to grow up in our relationship with Jesus … how to mature … how to know him!

1.  Have an obedient heart – faith shows up in obedience even when it is counter-intuitive;

2.  Depend on the Spirit – start the day acknowledging that there is no way to make it through the day without the Spirit’s help;

3.  Submit to the Father’s pruning – be willing to let go of whatever the Father says needs to go!  Pastor pointed out that if we met with Christ, each of us would likely have a rich, young ruler moment.  Don’t hold on tightly what needs to go …

Why … why work at these spiritual disciplines?  To know peace, to bear fruit, to experience complete joy … but most of all to gain an intimate relationship with the one who paid my ransom!

My prayer tonight  … to grow in gratitude for the great gift of grace given … and to grow up in Him … to walk close by His side this week!

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