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Romans 15:14-33: Paul’s Purpose and Motivation

What is your purpose?What motivates you to accomplish that purpose? Descriptors: goodness, knowledge, and competence In the latter half of Romans 15, Paul begins to wrap up his letter. It’s important to recall that Paul did not plant or nurture the church in Rome. He had never met them. So It is interesting that Romans…

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A July Reflection

I’m learning to pause at the end of each month to reflect on a few questions, to look back and make a note of just a tiny sampling of God’s goodness to me. 1. Where did you see God in July? I love sunflowers. Something about them makes me smile. I have a permanent one…

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HopeWriters Challenge: Out Loud and On Purpose

Are you smack dab in the middle of an ordinary life?Not called to fame or power?Do you live a simple life – wondering if your life is significant? Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth—everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory,whom I formed and…

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Passion, Purpose, and the movie, “SOUL”

UPDATED 4/26 … “Pixar’s Soul has won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, becoming the only film ever to win that award without playing in U.S. movie theaters.” (NPR) Originally this post was written in February 2021 … We watched the Disney movie, “Soul”, this week. I’ve been thinking about it … it was not your typical…

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Aging and Purpose

In our community group the other day, a friend asked for prayer. She and her husband are asking God for direction – wanting to live out their later years well. Her prayer request resonated with me. We don’t like to talk much about aging but, of course, it’s real. It’s likely that I’ve lived a…

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