Prayer: Holding together light & dark

Sunflowers representing hope for Ukraine
Sunflowers for Ukraine

Just a quick abstract to show solidarity for Ukraine.
Even during the horrors of war, the sun shines with hope.

We exalt you, Lord, our great God.
You are Creator and Redeemer, All-Wise, All-Knowing, Ever-Present.

Where can we go from your Spirit?
If we celebrate with laughter, you rejoice with us-
If we lie down in the depths of despair, you comfort us –
If we rise with the dawn, you greet us –
If we travel to the far side of the sea, you find us there –
Your hand guides us
Your right hand holds us fast.

You are ever-present in the dark
Even in the pitch-black, we are not hidden from your sight
Light pushes out the dark –
Oh Lord, our God, you are our light
God, we praise You because You are Light.
We need not fear the darkness –
For darkness is as light to you.

The darkness and despair of war still rages –
We feel both the anguish for our neighbors,
And the joy of our lives –
The conundrum of holding dark and light
Together is too much for us
Show us how to hold both sorrow and joy
Coexisting, discomforting
May this juxtaposition motivate us in prayer.

Pour out your love, your grace –
Grant our neighbors peace
Subdue the enemy
To you, O Lord, we cried-
To you, we cried for mercy
You heard our cry – we’ve seen your mercy
Hear our prayer today,
Reach down your hand from on high
Vanquish the foe.

Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.
Praise be to God, our Rock, our Stronghold, our Deliverer.
Our mouths speak in praise of the Lord.
Today, may every creature praise his holy name forever and ever.

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