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Joy in Forgiveness

decorative with psalm 32:1 - about the joy of being forgiven

I’ve been thinking about repentance for several days. Tonight as my husband read Psalm 32 aloud, I was struck again by the delight and joy in repentance, in knowing forgiveness!

The text below is my paraphrase, my personalization of Psalm 32.

Joy in Forgiveness – Psalm 32

What blessed joy, pure delight —
For You have forgiven my disobedience and
Put my sin away as far as the east is from the west.
My burden has been rolled away!

Such joy for all those who call on His name, the gavel fallen,
the Judge declaring –“Not guilty!”
Relief, refreshed, washed clean –
No more in darkness, but wrapped in light!

I have not forgotten the pain of guilt, the
lackluster, heaviness surrounding me.
I wilted as a tender plant with no root, no
Nourishment in view; I thirsted for relief.

Your Spirit’s gift, knowledge of my sin, my separation, my desperate
Need for confession. Opening the dark recesses of my life —
Agreeing with you, God, repenting of my rebellion against You!
You forgave me, restoring a right spirit within me. Hallelujah!

Friend, don’t wait! Don’t risk His judgment! Instead,
Taste the joy of His salvation while He is near.

You, O Lord, are the cleft of the rock,
Surrounding and protecting me. You are my
Deliverer. In You, I am safe, protected. I hear
Your songs of victory sung over me.

You lead me along paths of righteousness —
Your map for my life is best – there is no doubt.
I praise You for Your watchful care – so grateful
That You are ever-present; You hold me fast.

How foolish I would be to resist Your yoke –
Instead, I yield, bowing low, humbly –
Desiring to follow well, to walk only in Your
Lighted paths. Guide me, O thou great Jehovah!

I don’t envy the wicked, their lives marked by sorrow-
In contrast, You surround Your children, those who trust
In You, with Your grace, mercy, and love –
A promised peace always and forever!

Rejoice, rejoice! Let us gladly obey Him, our King of Kings-
Praise the Shepherd-Lamb; we’ve been washed clean!

Read Psalm 32 here in the New Living Translation.

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