thrill inexpressible

So our very first grandbaby was born exactly one week ago!  We have been visiting our little one this week … so there hasn’t been much time for writing.  But there has been much time for reflecting on the miracle of life, smiling at the beauty of a baby, and resting together while he snuggles in my arms!

There’s a smile that is brighter than sunbeams of May,
A wave of farewell as you’re starting away,
A glad time of frolic which no one can steal,
A thrill inexpressible, lovely to feel.
There’s something to boast of and something to tell
When a baby has come to the place where you dwell!
~ Edgar Guest

There is a proverb that says, Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged!  This is one of those times I just don’t mind being “aged!”

What a blessing our new grandson is …

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