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Mid July: These are the days of …

Mid-July Reflection

These are the days of … **

  • The rich fragrance of coffee on quiet mornings
  • The comfort of well-worn t-shirts and sandals
  • Ordinary moments, simple meals, everyday matters
  • Weekly math labs with the grandsons exploring the beauty of math (especially candy math LOL)
  • TSA checks and airport mania after a long absence
  • Beach vibes and beach gear, family style
  • Making memories in the rain with grandsons
  • Art, music, and sunset dinners
  • A reading slump – happens now and then – what to read next?
  • Puzzling over the meaning of Enneagram “5”
  • Tall sunflowers in the raised bed making me smile
  • Afternoon tea with dear friends
  • Considering the balance between inspiration and just plain hard work in projects
  • Pondering the invitation to come to Jesus, submitting to His yoke and learning from Him

I’ve been reading Made for More by Hannah Anderson.
Here are a few of my highlights from her book.

  • “But what if education—what if learning and thinking and knowing—is less about what you do with your knowledge than it is about the person you become in the process? What if learning is less about how to make a living and more about how to live? What if education is first and foremost about becoming image-bearers?”
  • “”For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” And with this, Jesus confirmed that being an image bearer means working for the good of those around you. Instead of being enslaved to our passions and fears, instead of jockeying for power and position, we fulfill our imago dei identity by serving—by using our gifts and capacities to honor Him and care for each other.”
  • “But grace is not simply God’s response to our sin; grace is the essential nature of a God who is already intentionally inclining Himself toward you.”

I love the serendipitous connections that happen when we read. On Twitter, a pastor/author I follow, Paul David Tripp, also posted about grace multiple times in the past month. Here are just a few of his tweets! If you are on Twitter, check out Tripp’s many “grace” statements, fantastic affirmations of “the essential nature of a God who is already intentionally inclining Himself toward us!”

  • Grace means being welcomed into God’s holy presence without fear.
  • Grace means waking up to generously given new mercies, morning after morning.
  • Grace means the joy of living for something vastly bigger than your wants, needs and feelings.
  • Grace means you will never again have to shoulder the burdens and cares of life alone.
  • Grace means you’re gifted with the presence of the Holy Spirit, who lovingly convicts and graciously empowers.
  • Grace means you are loved, inseparably, generously and eternally.

** “These are the days of” is a practice recommended by Emily P. Freeman. She often records these lists weekly. I’m trying to create a rhythm of reflection twice a month.

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