the flow state … is-ness … one-ness

An author, talk show host, blogged this week about the Super Bowl.  One of his thoughts caught my attention … 

Whether you are playing or watching the sport, you will be reminded of the amazing things our bodies can do, of the incredible capacity that we have as human beings, and how far we can carry ourselves and others if we train hard and work long enough. We can experience that sense of “being in the zone,” what psychologists call “the flow state,” of being where we are suppose to be, doing what we are suppose to do, with the people we want to do it with, and doing it all so well and naturally. ~Hirschfield

Tonight I am reminded that the best “flow state” is being one with my Lord … having that stillness within (no matter the outward activity) that creates that steady core … that centers my life.  And then out of that state, that stillness, that oneness … my actions .. flow out of being … and his creative power works through me.

Madeleine L’Engle writes …  God created, and it was joy: time, space, matter.  There is, and we are part of that is-ness, part of that becoming.  That is our calling: co-creation.  Every single one of us, without exception, is called to co-create with God.  No one is too unimportant to have a share in the making or unmaking of the final showing-forth.  Everything that we do either draws the Kingdom of love closer, or pushes it further off. … 

My prayer tonight … to draw the Kingdom of love closer … through word and deed … may it be so …

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