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Lent: The Beauty of God

“…Our ordinary experiences of beauty are given to us to provide a clue, a starting-point, a signpost, from which we move on to recognize, to glimpse, to be overwhelmed by, to adore, and so to worship, not just the majesty, but the beauty of God himself.” NT Wright, For All God’s Worth I’ve been thinking…

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Friday Finds 6/24

I’m thinking about sharing some of my “finds” from the past week or so each Friday. This week I’m sharing a thoughtful presentation, a favorite song, and a few thought-provoking quotes. The flower pictures are from my walks this week. I hope you enjoy these! All About Hope Rebecca Mclaughlin spoke at the recent women’s…

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Grateful for ART!

It may seem trivial to some, but Thanksgiving Day this year is on November 26 … exactly enough days to consider gratitude using our alphabet! I’ve been participating in theology courses hosted by our pastor at church for a year or more. This semester we are reading Christopher Wright’s Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the…

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