seeds of change

As May gets ready to pass into June, change is afoot.  Time is marked by school years … with a short interlude in June and July.  Although I still go to school everyday, it’s not the same.  Quiet hallways, dark rooms … very different season … much like the changing of time … 

    On mind and matter lo perpetual change 
    God’s fiat stamped! The very bones of man
    Change as he grows from infancy to age.
    His loves, his hates, his tastes, his fancies, change.
    His blood and brawn demand a change of food;
    His mind as well: the sweetest harp of heaven
    Were hateful if it played the selfsame tune
    Forever, and the fairest flower that gems
    The garden, if it bloomed throughout the year,
    Would blush unsought. The most delicious fruits
    Pall on our palate if we taste too oft,
    And Hyblan honey turns to bitter gall.
    Perpetual winter is a reign of gloom;
    Perpetual summer hardly pleases more.
    Behold the Esquimau the Hottentot:
    This doomed to regions of perpetual ice,
    And that to constant summer’s heat and glow:
    Inferior both, both gloomy and unblessed.
    The home of happiness and plenty lies
    Where autumn follows summer and the breath
    Of spring melts into rills the winter’s snows.
    How gladly, after summer’s blazing suns,
    We hail the autumn frosts and autumn fruits:
    How blithesome seems the fall of feathery snow
    When winter comes with merry clang of bells:
    And after winter’s reign of ice and storm
    How glad we hail the robins of the spring.
    For God hath planted in the hearts of men
    The love of change, and sown the seeds of change
    In earth and air and sea and shoreless space.
~ H. L. Gordon 

I’m OK with change … and this summer I look forward to a slower pace …

“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.  He changes times and seasons  …”  

Thank you, God.

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