“Revving up!”

Your captain is speaking … buckle up your seatbelt … there is turbulence ahead.

In the worship service we visited this morning there were several word pictures from a hot air balloon to the protective seatbelt.  The pictures, while spoken by different people in different contexts, all pointed to similar movement … arising, establishing, holding fast in the storm, enduring.

It’s interesting to me how God can use the simplest messages to speak truth into our circumstances.  No doubt the circumstances varied greatly in that auditorium this morning … and yet the words held forth life to each of us.

My take-away this morning is not to settle for less than God’s best for me … an undivided heart fully given over to him … experiencing the divine deeply, completely.  Delayed fulfillment of divine promises is not uncommon … there are multiple examples in Scripture of prophecies that took years to come to fruition.  I shouldn’t let delayed fulfillment take the edge from my experience.  Instead … I need to lean in … let the adventure unfold.

I’m revving up those dreams!  With Paul I pray …  Let me “reach out and experience the breadth!  Test its length!  Plumb the depths!  Rise to the heights!” My prayer is to live a full life … full in the fullness of God!  (Eph. 3:18-19)

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