Remembering mom!

It’s Mother’s Day.  I’ve been looking through my pictures of my mom.  She’s in heaven … celebrating!  And even though I’m happy for her – no more pain, no tears, no sorrow – I miss her!

I’ve been reflecting on all that she taught me.  Moms teach us how to interact with life, the little everyday things, how to brush our teeth, how to make a bed, how to clean up, dress up, cheer up … and my mom even taught me how to ham it up!

There were big concepts that she taught as well.

Mom taught me to love to read by example.  She loved to read – always had a book or two nearby.  Even in her later years she read voraciously.  It was hard to find something in the library she hadn’t read.  Fortunately we have a great friend who at that time worked in the library.  She helped feed mom’s hunger for books.  Mom loved some of the more grisly and anything medical mysteries!

I learned to love music from my mom.  She sang often; played the piano,  And she ensured that I had piano lessons.  Our family often joined around a piano to sing – especially old hymns of our faith.  At Christmas we wrapped gifts to the crooning of Bing … I can see Mom now … loving the music!

I learned compassion from my mom.  She was a nurse, and she cared for newborn babies who were struggling in those first hours of birth.  She loved those babies, had compassion on their mothers.  She loved all little children.  For a while she kept foster children.  I remember one night, late, a child arriving, sad, dirty, afraid.  Mom carefully washed, fed, loved on the little ones.  She had such compassion for children.

She demonstrated hospitality.  Mom fixed Sunday dinner, and almost always guests joined us around the table.  She often hosted Sunday evening get togethers.  Everyone at church was invited to drop by.  Mom provided tasty snacks … it was the place to be!  She opened her home easily, didn’t fret over it, almost always had too much good food!  She taught me how to be hospitable and the fellowship and joy found in sharing food together!

I could mention other lessons learned.  I want to end with Mom teaching me about praise and prayer.  She was a very private person.  She did not push her faith on anyone.  She didn’t “preach.”  But she praised God easily in worship! In her later years, I loved to watch her in worship.  She offered effusive praise, joyful in her salvation, and grateful for the many blessings that God had given her.

I’m grateful today for my Mom, for the many things she taught me.  Would love to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!


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