Guest Writer: Promise of Peace

My heart is troubled. 
No. It’s deeper than my heart. It’s in my bones.
In the depths of my soul.
A constant ache of anxiety.
A constant gnawing. 
Impending doom.

I look around.
Friends struggling. Money is tight.
Friends praying. Healing just out of reach.
Friends doing. Striving towards the next achievement.
Friends worrying. Will it get better? When?

I look around.
Friends helping. Though little, it is enough.
Friends serving. Talents. Time. Together.
Friends hoping. Hands and hearts clinging to frayed threads.
Friends believing. Faithfully expectant of the yet-to-be-seen.

And it is here I find it. 
The long-elusive thing I’ve been searching for.
Jesus, Emmanuel. God with Us. Prince of Peace.
It is here, I remember.
In this world,

there will be trouble.
In this world,

there will be sorrow.
In this world,

there will be heartache, pain, and grief.


It is here I remember…
A promise spoken by a babe who grew into a man
who became our Savior.
A promise to not just some but all.
A promise for me today, in the deepest part of my aching bones.
“Take heart,” He commands. His voice soft. Tender. Assured.
“I have overcome the world.”
It is here.

He is here.
The Prince of Peace.

~poetry by Torrie Sorge


Father –

You’ve promised us great peace to those that love Your law, that love You. As Christmas approaches, remind us often, even daily, that You are Emmanuel, God with us. Form us more fully into Your likeness. Replace our anxieties with Your peace. From our joys form strength. In our struggles, may our courage grow. And in all things, in all ways, may we experience the length, width, breadth, and depth of Your love.


My Guest Today

As a Mixed Race woman, Torrie understands the beauty and complexity of our God-given diversity firsthand. It has propelled her to become a truth-teller, bridge-builder, and cheerleader who passionately encourages others to stop hiding in plain sight and begin to embrace the person God created them to be. She loves partnering with interracial families, youth & women’s ministry groups, and church leadership, providing practical tools with Biblical truths as they become bridges of reconciliation and hope within their own circles of influence.

Torrie is a wife, mom, and avid Disney lover who escapes to the “happiest place on earth” as often as possible! A homebody at heart, Torrie also enjoys catching up on the latest true crime docuseries. She and her husband have two children and call Las Vegas home.

You can connect with Torrie on social media:

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