old cookbook … perfect dinner rolls!

Today I’m thankful for “old” cookbooks … especially Sunday Dinner: Meals from Family Kitchens by Lora L Parrott.  When I make recipes from this cookbook, so many sweet memories of cooking with my mom and sisters flood my mind.  This cookbook has just the perfect recipes for getting Sunday dinner on the table after church.  It’s not fancy, not your “real food” cookbook for the most part … instead it has the tasty potluck variety recipes.

Today I made Perfect Sunday Dinner Rolls!  These are no fail yeast rolls that taste divine!  The recipe is online for anyone who wants to try them.

So I guess I’m not sure if I am most thankful for the cookbook, the rolls creating that awesome aroma in my kitchen, or the sweet memories of cooking with family!  Guess today I’m thankful for all of those things!

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