in the silence grow

I wrote a few days ago that my well is dry.  I have a task or two that I’m trying to complete … and I believe those tasks have created a kind of block … I can’t quite seem to find the way through mentally … to visualize well the outcome.

I had tucked this poem away for safekeeping … seems to have application right now.  I’m not discontented … but the writer’s block, the busy-ness, a certain restlessness …the quiet moments I need for reflection and writing elude me.  I believe this too shall pass.

‘Only be still, and in the silence grow,’
If thou art seeking what the gods bestow.
This is the simple, safe, and certain way
That leads to knowledge for which all men pray
Of higher laws to govern things below.

But in our restless discontent we go
With noisy importuning day on day—
Drowning the inner voice that strives to say
‘Only be still, and in the silence grow.’

We doubt, we cavil, and we talk of woe—
We delve in books, and waste our forces so;
We cling to creeds that were not meant to stay,
And close our ears to Truth’s immortal lay.
Oh wouldst thou see, and understand, and know?
‘Only be still, and in the silence grow.’
~ Ella Wilcox

Today I ask the Father … Master Creator … to release in me his creative flow to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Still my mind before you … may every fiber of my being know that you are God.

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