Grateful for Uncertainty

These are uncertain times.

Uncertainty, changes … maybe even chaos!
The pandemic, political division, economic crises, the impending holidays …

What name does your chaos go by?

…Uncertainty causes stress.
…Uncertainty causes uneasiness.
…Uncertainty keeps us hanging, wondering what’s next.

But are there benefits?

John Maxwell briefly outlines benefits of uncertainty in his leadership podcast* …

  • Uncertainty takes us out of “automatic.” When life is orderly, predictable, comfortable, we lack intentionality. Intentionality helps us to maximize the effectiveness of our actions, our choices, our thinking.
  • Uncertainty provides us with the opportunity to lead. People around us are looking for guidance, looking for how to respond to the difficulties.
  • Uncertainty makes us focus on the present. The future seems even more unknown than before. Maxwell asks, “Did I live well today?” We recognize the gift of today.
  • Uncertainty reintroduces us to humility. Humility reduces pride, making us teachable, relatable, approachable.
  • Uncertainty requires us to be creative. Uncertainty promotes a new way of doing.
  • Uncertainty tests our teaching. It highlights the gap between our talk and our walk.

Uncertainty tests our character, our strengths, and our wisdom.

Uncertainty could be cause for wonder, for delight, even for surrender. And if we can let go of the pretense of control, there is so much to discover.

So today I am grateful for uncertainty. One thing I know, the uncertainty is only for a time. Because I also know …

There are many plans in a person’s mind,
but it is the counsel of the Lord that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

*Maxwell, John. (2020, April 22). Embracing the Benefits of Uncertainty [The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast]. https://johnmaxwellleadershippodcast.com/episodes/john-maxwell-embracing-the-benefits-of-uncertainty.

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