Grateful for Educators

Do you know an educator? Someone in the trenches, zooming, teaching students in rooms and on screens? If you know an educator, take a minute today to thank them. They need our encouragement.

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I am particularly grateful for educators in my life.

Two high school teachers are etched in my memory … Mrs. Comstock taught me to love literature and Lou Sawyer, well, no doubt I had a crush on him. He was our choral director and he was superb! He taught with amazing compassion and humor.

The professor who made the most impact on my career was Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska.  I can’t begin to share all I learned from her.  I remember my first class with her, the first night.  I knew in that moment that my professional journey was on a new trajectory.

I’m grateful for my colleagues, fellow teachers with whom I partnered, some with whom I had the opportunity to supervise teaching. So many teachers from Groesbeck Mddle, Rogers High School, Grassland Middle, Nolensville Elementary, Pearre Creek, and Round Rock High inspired me and spurred me on to do the hard work of educator! There are too many to name. Their classrooms were filled with joy, laughter, love for learning … and their students knew they were well-loved.

There have been negative voices in my career as well … the counselor who said I shouldn’t take algebra in 8th grade, the dean who said all elementary majors had to minor in reading – not math as I was requesting, the principal who said I would make a terrible administrator.  Yes, I am grateful for the negative voices, which caused me to listen carefully along they way, to examine my strengths for myself.  Those voices spurred me to study, to prepare, to take “life-long” learning to heart. 

It’s been fun walking down memory lane a bit thinking about all my teacher friends – wondering what they are up to today. I’m grateful for educators!

And yes … in a sense we are all “teachers.” Our lives, our words, our actions – they speak volumes to others, and someone is watching! It’s worth thinking about today – to whom are you listening? And who might be listening to you?

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