Car Accident and Blessed!

Today I had a car accident.  Before I tell my story, let me say, I am fine … just some soreness from the seat belt.  Thank God for seat belts!

I take the toll road every morning, speed limit 75 mph.  I’m on it for just a couple of miles.  This morning was no different.

I prepared to exit to the right – needed to change lanes.  I checked the mirrors and started to move.  But as I started to change lanes, I saw a white car right beside me.  I was so close to it that it startled me.

I pulled the steering wheel to the left … too fast, too far.  I could feel that I had pulled to hard … so I tried to adjust to the right but the car had a mind of its own.  I lost control.

P1020270I knew there was a concrete barrier on the right.  I began to pray, “Lord, please let me live.  I don’t want to hit that barrier.  Please, help me.”  I tried to align the car with the roadway but failed.  I could feel the car skidding.  And yes, I hit the barrier … looking at the car it looks like I scraped the barrier.

I looked down at myself … I was OK!  No broken bones, no gashes, only a burn from the seat belt.  I sat stunned … and grateful!

I looked up to see a lovely young lady coming to help me.  She had parked on the side of the speedway.  She wore a top – scrubs – and had a nametag from the local hospital.  She asked me if I was OK.  I replied that I thought so.  She asked if she could call in the accident and I said yes.  I asked her to call my husband as well.

In minutes a very kind officer arrived.  He had a compassionate smile and when he needed to ask questions, he was gentle.  After I assured him that I did not need the EMS team, he checked my vehicle to see if it could be moved.  He determined that it was drivable and asked me to try to straighten up my car on the highway.  I looked behind me and saw several sets of emergency lights blocking oncoming traffic.

In the meanwhile others had stopped to help.  I asked if someone could call the school – they would need to know that I needed a substitute.  I could not think of the number – how often do you call your workplace?  One gentleman was looking up the number for me when another lady saw the parking sticker on my car.  She held up her lanyard.  She worked for the same school district … and she was on it.  In just a few minutes she assured me that my principals knew I had been in an accident and that I would not be in today.

When the officer asked me to drive the car down the nearby ramp to get out of the busy traffic, I sucked in my breath.  Yes, I can do that.  The other dear people who had stopped to help asked the officer about leaving.  Interesting that none of them had seen the white car that I was trying to avoid hitting.  They only saw me lose control of my car.  I can still see that white car in my mind’s eye … but it is a very foggy memory.

Shortly after pulling off the road, my husband arrived.  The officer and Ron checked out the car and discussed the situation.  The officer concluded since no one else was involved, and only my car was damaged, that he would not write an accident report.  

Ron drove me home to rest.  And here I am resting while I tell my story.

I am embarrassed that I had this accident!  But I’m also amazed that I hit no one, and that I have no injury.  You can see from the picture that there is minimal car damage (yes, still expensive!)

I am humbled and grateful once again for the grace of God in protecting me.  I’m also thankful for folks who stopped to assist me; and for the officer who demonstrated compassion as he carried out his duties.  Today, even with a car accident, I am one very blessed woman!

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