outreaching bigness

I’ve been thinking about capacity lately.  God IS love!
His capacity to love is infinite, complete, full, whole!

What is my capacity to love …
how can I be a channel of that love of His …
that love that knows no boundaries?

God measures souls by their capacity
For entertaining his best Angel, Love.
Who loveth most is nearest kin to God,
Who is all Love, or Nothing.
He who sits
And looks out on the palpitating world,
And feels his heart swell within him large enough
To hold all men within it, he is near
His great Creator’s standard, though he dwells
Outside the pale of churches, and knows not
A feast-day from a fast-day, or a line
Of Scripture even.  What God wants of us
Is that outreaching bigness that ignores
All littleness of aims, or loves, or creeds,
And clasps all Earth and Heaven in its embrace.
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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