all authority

“All authority … ”

All … 3 simple letters … not a difficult word.  All means the whole of, the greatest possible, every, entire … simply all … totally inclusive … nothing left out.

Authority … its root word is author … enlarger, founder, master, leader … creator, originator … the power inherent in authority is the result of ownership through creation.

In Matthew 28:18, Jesus says, “All authority has been given to me.”  It’s easy to read right through those words and miss the weightiness of that thought.  All authority … Jesus is the creator of the universe … he is the author who spoke the world into being.  He spoke all of it … all of it is under his dominion.

The revelation is  … all means me.  He has all authority in me.  I am his workmanship, created in him to do good works … those good works that he prepared in advance for me to do.

He authored me … wrote me in to “his” story!  From the first page to the last – he has all authority … I am his.

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