The Mercies of God: Adam and Eve

For several weeks I’ve been thinking about the mercies of God in the study of Romans. And I’m not quite ready to leave that concept. So for Thanksgiving, I’m going to explore illustrations of mercy in Scripture. I hope you’ll join me! These posts will be brief, simple, and hopefully encouraging.

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
    His mercies never cease.
Great is his faithfulness;
    his mercies begin afresh each morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23 NLT

Adam and Eve

We know the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. God had created such variety and beauty. Adam and Eve had been commissioned to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and have dominion over the earth. God created man and woman to exercise royal authority over the earth as His representative, overseeing the growth and upkeep of creation.

Until the intruder entered the picture. The crafty, talking serpent deceived Eve, and together she and Adam decided to rebel against God’s one rule. And with that decision, humanity was forever changed.

So where’s the mercy?

God announces His redemptive plan.

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel.

Genesis 3:15 NASB1995

Yes, sin entered the world, but God was sending a conqueror. In the fullness of time, the “seed” of a woman would establish victory over the intruder!

Prayer of Gratitude

Father, there are so many things you could have done at the moment of Adam and Eve’s sin. Indeed you were sad and deeply grieved by their actions but not taken by surprise. Your plan began before the foundation of the world. In eternity past, You chose us as Your children, extending Your grace to us. Your mercy is beyond understanding, and we are grateful that you were working out your redemptive plan on our behalf at the very beginning of our world. Amen.

PS – You can read Adam and Eve’s story in Genesis 1 – 4.

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