absolute stillness poised aloft in air

A coworker said to me recently that she had noticed that I seemed overly stressed … she expressed her concern for me.  At first a bit of resentment welled up inside … no doubt a bit of pride … certainly an unlovely reaction to her concern.

I’ve been asking the dear Father in heaven to calm me, to rest me, to teach me to be at peace.  And then I stumbled on this beautiful sonnet today … one that I had tucked away to use in a post … 

Doubling and doubling with laborious walk,
Who, that has gained at length the wished-for Height,
This brief this simple wayside Call can slight,
And rests not thankful? Whether cheered by talk
With some loved friend, or by the unseen hawk
Whistling to clouds and sky-born streams that shine,
At the sun’s outbreak, as with light divine,
Ere they descend to nourish root and stalk
Of valley flowers. Nor, while the limbs repose,
Will we forget that, as the fowl can keep
Absolute stillness, poised aloft in air,
And fishes front, unmoved, the torrent’s sweep,
So may the Soul, through powers that Faith bestows,
Win rest, and ease, and peace, with bliss that Angels share.
W. Wordsworth 

The birds still in the air; fish unmoved in the torrent’s sweep … I can be at peace in my abundantly blessed life.  To lack peace is to deny the Father’s care for me.

There is an old hymn … the last 2 stanzas my prayer tonight … Our restless spirits yearn for thee, where’er our changeful lot is cast, glad when thy gracious smile we see, blest when our faith can hold thee fast.  O Jesus, ever with us stay, make all our moments calm and bright; chase the dark night of sin away, shed o’er the world thy holy light.

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