a poem of blossoms for you

Today I spent quite a bit of time perusing flowers, plants, and garden tools at the Bloom ‘n Garden Expo 2009.   

There is a compelling power in nature to point to the Creator.  God’s creative genius in designing so many species of plants, in the patterns and colors of blooms amazes me.   Such delicacy, artistry, imagination … 

In the spring-time, out of the dew,
        From my garden, sweet friend, I gather,
        A garland of verses, or rather
    A poem of blossoms for you.

    There are pansies, purple and white,
        That hold in their velvet splendour,
        Sweet thoughts as fragrant and tender,
    And rarer than poets can write.

    The Iris her pennon unfurls,
        My unspoken message to carry,
        A flower-poem writ by a fairy,
    And Buttercups rounder than pearls.

    And Snowdrops starry and sweet,
        Turn toward thee their pale pure faces
        And Crocus, and Cowslips, and Daisies
    The song of the spring-time repeat.

    So merry and full of cheer,
        With the warble of birds overflowing,
        The wind through the fresh grass blowing
    And the blackbirds whistle so dear.

    These songs without words are true,
        All sung in the April weather–
        Music and blossoms together–
    I gather and weave them for you.
~K. S. Maclean 

I’m not sure who in the poet’s mind was gathering and weaving … but in my mind I see our Creator … smiling as he speaks all nature into being, as in him all things are held together, as he gifts us with beauty … rarer than that created by the poet’s pen.

Thank you, God, for the gift of flowers …

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  1. I love the image of God gifting us with such an assortment of flowers. I was thinking today how feeble our attempts even to create imitations of flowers are when compared to the real thing. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Thanks, Ann. I saw this quote … “Beauty… is the shadow of God on the universe” by G. Mistral, a Chilean writer … and I like it … although not directly about flowers.

    I know you join me in seeing God … his imagination, his creativity, his grace … in nature.

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