truth (scales)

“The most powerful agent of growth and transformation is something much more basic than any technique:  a change of heart.”  ~~ John Welwood

This morning I have a complaint in my mind … petty … so I choose to lay it aside, I choose to be thankful!  Thank you, Lord.

I stepped on the scales this morning … ouch!  The holidays are sitting well around my middle … and they are weighty!  I’m grateful today for those holidays, for the delicious food I enjoyed, and for the scales that remind me that I have to have balance in what I eat.

I had 2 weeks off …. spent the majority of that time with family … and loved every minute of it!  I am blessed and grateful for my husband, my sons, their wives, and for our grandson.  We spent time together in Austin – experienced a mild weather, played outside, went to the zoo.  One couldn’t ask for sweeter, more relaxation than we experienced.  I’m grateful for a family that loves one another.

Christmas morning breakfast quiche

Our children cooked for us … blessing us with their favorite recipes, their talents, their time, energy.  I have pictures … the food was so good.  I am thankful for the joy that went into the process of family dinners!

Last, today I’m grateful for the scales.  I really mean it … I need those scales to speak truth, to remind me that balance in eating is essential.

I am rich with blessings in holidays, time spent with family, rich foods, and truth (scales).  Thank you.

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