Thoughtful Friday Finds 7/8

A line stuck in my head

We are on the cusp of hurricane season. And in some ways, these last days, weeks, and months have been stormy! This thoughtful poem calls my name.

This thought, “For some things, there are no wrong seasons. Which is what I dream for me,” is stuck in my mind. What does it mean to you?

And Another Line –

On Sunday, we sang Sandra McCracken’s song, “Steadfast.” I needed the reminder that God is steadfast, that I set my hope on Him – not on people, organizations, laws or government!

This line, “In the absence of holiness, You are still God,” resonated deeply. As we sang, I “preached” the gospel to myself again … that my house is built on solid Rock and the Creator of the Universe is in charge!

Many put their hope in chariots, others in horses, but we place our trust in the name of the Eternal One, our True God.

Psalm 20:7 Voice

A favorite recipe

This recipe for mashed avocado and chickpeas is delicious. It is healthy and suitable for any meal … or a snack. I love the mustard and pickle combination with the crunch of celery in the creamy beans and avocado mash. Or you could flavor it with cumin, chili powder, or Italian seasonings!

Just a single serving

KIDS read!

A favorite podcast this past week was The Lazy Genius, 10 Summer Reading Ideas for Your Kids! Studies show that reading for pleasure greatly affects children’s educational performance. Kendra Adachi’s ten ideas are super! I have just a few to add to her list:

  1. Invest in magazines. The Cricket Media publications have magazines for all ages that include stories, science, history, and cultures. There are so many others! If your kids are into nature, check out the National Geographic magazines for kids or Ranger Rick! And of course, the Sports Illustrated for Kids and the Highlights magazines are popular! Magazines are super engaging and invite reading!
  2. Don’t stop reading picture books; read a picture book a day! Even with your middle-grade kids and teens! Picture books are conversation starters and provide a way to introduce complex topics. Check out this podcast, “Read a book a day with older kids and teens!” Your librarian will be a great help with this project!
  3. Hang a pocket on the back of the front car seats and keep reading materials in them within easy reach for your kids to choose from while even on short jaunts across the city. The best books for these pockets are not chapter books but high-interest nonfiction books about favorite topics, joke books, or how-to books — any sort of book that doesn’t require sequential reading. Try to change out these books every week or two.

A thoughtful prayer that resonates deeply

Have I overlooked You, Lord?
Have I failed to recognize
And assumed the ordinary
Couldn’t be divine?

These are the first lines to a beautiful song, “Please Don’t Pass Me By.”
Towards the end of the song, these words resonate – my prayer –

I wanna move when You’re movin’
Be around what You’re doin’

I wanna recognize Heaven
Be aware of Your presence
All of my life

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