the people that rekindle

“We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” ~~Albert Schweitzer

I ended my work day with a few children … young ladies who are helping me start a writing club at school. Their easy laughter, eagerness to write, and friendly banter reminded me why I love to work with children. They love to write! They love to share their stories. They haven’t learned to judge and discard their ideas yet … they are free with their expression. Their enthusiasm rekindled my inner spirit!

I’m grateful for my work that allows me to enjoy the gifts that children bring to life; I’m grateful, too, for the flexibility in my work so that I can spend those few minutes each week with them in writing our adventures.

One of the young ladies was energized by the thesaurus. She enjoyed finding “big” words to replace the common-place in her poetry. Her words were paradisaical, prodigious, algid, aqueous, adroit, and convivial. Her enthusiasm for words was inspiring. I’m thankful for her vivacity … for the joy she exuded in our writing together.

As I wrap up this post there is a drip in the faucet in the kitchen … I’m thinking that it is difficult to be thankful that constant splattering of noise in an otherwise quiet thought. But in my exercise to be thankful, I’m  particularly grateful for indoor plumbing … for running water that flows from faucets … for long cool drinks of thirst-quenching water.

And now … I’m off to stop that drip!

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