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Our Good Crisis #6: Value or Virtue?

In Chapter 5 of Our Good Crisis, Dodson explores the concepts of value and virtue. I have to admit, I had never thought much about the difference. His words prompted my own search for meaning. If you work in an organization, you most likely have spent some time either formulating, developing or training in identifying…

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Living in His Reality!

You were made for a purpose. You were made to reflect someone who is infinite and limitless, which means there is plenty of uniqueness and creativity to go around. You were made to take what God has given you and do amazing things. The Bible Project Ron and I talk about what we have learned…

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Grateful for Truth

Subjective Truth … …. Objective Truth … …. Relative Truth … Absolute Truth … We live in a world of “fake news” – identifying truth is challenging. Just today, one headline described a press conference as “fact-free.” The Pew Research Center writes, “Many think America is experiencing a crisis in facts and truth, and they…

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