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November Thanks

30 daysI missed a few days of posting in my 30 days of gratitude.  Each day I named something but this last week found it difficult to put those thoughts in writing.  Here are snippets from the week!

November 26 … I woke up singing, “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down …”  I can’t really say why … just did.  The song took on more meaning as I had to give my students the district benchmark test on their first day back from a holiday!  I offered them a sweet treat to help soften the blow.  Of course, in the bigger scheme of things, I have had many blessings to sweeten the challenging events of life!

November 27 … So while my students might not be so grateful for the district benchmark test, I find myself grateful today for it.  A quiet testing environment has given me a bit of “extra” time to prepare for these final weeks of the semester.

November 28 … Finally found the radio station playing Christmas music full time!  OK … call me sappy or what … but I love, love, love Christmas music!  So grateful today for Christmas Joy!

November 29 … Yikes!  so thankful that the “full moon” comes around only once a month! Surely that’s the reason my students were so squirrel-ly yesterday! Maybe peace and a little learning will reign for the remainder of the weeks between holidays! Ha!

November 30 … 3 months ago we signed a contract to have an in-ground pool installed in our back yard!  The pool is built, the equipment delivered, the water is in … and now … yea!  The pool is done.  So grateful for this amazing luxury … and for living in a climate where I can enjoy the water much of the year!

My 30 days of recording grateful thoughts comes to a close today … but my prayer is that I will continue to grow and mature in giving thanks!  I am one very blessed lady!


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