Guest Writer: Hallelujah! Our Invitation to Praise

Handel He never considered fora second the standingovations, the wild applause,the tears of joy, the yearsof popular longevity, or theglorious manifest presenceof the living God. Tattered velvet slippers shuffled across the cold stone floor at midnight, Handel frantically searched by candlelight for inkwell, pen, and paper trying to keep pace with the Holy muse — “Hallelujah!”“Hallelujah!”“Hallelujah!” thundering in his head. Original, Bonnie…

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Holy Week #1: Yearning For Liberation

The events leading to the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ are detailed in the Scripture and have great significance. This week I am pondering the events of Holy Week. Historians tells us that the church began to celebrate the week preceding Easter in the 4th century. The week begins on what we call, “Palm”…

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