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I am taking a break from my devotional writing to share a few favorites, my reading stack, podcasts, a few favorite products, and an important holiday question!

I’ll start a new devotional series … look for it on Wednesday!

My Reading Stack

Books on my reading table

A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman: “I don’t harbor lofty notions of expertise, as I’m not convinced there is such a thing in deep matters of the soul and spirit. But I hope to prove myself a worthy companion, an intuitive observer of the art of God. Still, there is one thing I know for sure: I know you are an image bearer with a job to do. And the simplest description I can come up with for what that means is this: You are art and you make art.”

Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick: “I believe that most Christians think fondly of Jesus, are sincerely grateful for salvation, and remember his name as a tagline when they pray, but they don’t see his work and life as something to contemplate every moment of every day. … In your pursuit of godliness, have you left Jesus behind?”

Remember Your Joy, In View of God’s Mercies, and Everyday Theology are Bible study workbooks – I can recommend all three!

Too Many Podcasts!

Podcast favorites

I’ve mentioned some of these in previous posts. I don’t listen to all of these every week, but these are the podcasts I keep coming back to – checking to see what topics are being discussed. I listen mostly when I walk!

The two favorites I listen to almost weekly are The Next Right Thing and The Lazy Genius! The Next Right Thing is inspirational and insightful! And the Lazy Genius is fun, with great ideas and principles for homemaking and more!

These three podcasts provide insight into my Bible study –

  • In Help Me Teach the Bible, Nancy Guthrie interviews pastors and theologians on how to teach specific books and/or topics in scripture.
  • Knowing Faith is new to me, but I love that they work through a theological topic and then a book of the Bible. Lots of insight and friendly banter.
  • Live Like It’s True connects our lives and a sampling of Biblical stories. There are only 35 episodes!

And the “teacher” podcasts are those that I search for specific ideas to help me improve my work with teachers online. If you are a classroom teacher, I can’t recommend the Cult of Pedagogy and Truth for Teachers enough!

Everyday, Ordinary Favorites

These are my five go-to over-the-counter products that make my morning routine easy! I’ve never been into makeup and hair products. I need simple, easy, even quick, and these work for me!

five everyday products that are favorites
  • Naturally Fresh Spray Mist is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, with no Aluminum Chlorohydrate. It’s just mineral salt in water, perfect for sensitive skin. (I’ve tried another ineffective mineral salt deodorant, but this brand is a favorite!)
  • I’ve used Covergirl-Olay Simply Ageless for years – just enough foundation coverage with a built-in moisturizer!
  • ChapStick Total Hydration – a moisturizer with tint! I love it. It’s new to me. It’s not the same as lipstick, but it has more tint than most lip balms.
  • My hair is straight, flat, and fine – it requires just a bit of help in the mornings! My hair stylist was using this Moroccanoil brand, and I fell in love with it.
  • I don’t always wear cologne, but I like the Demeter Sunshine when I do!

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Help me out? What have been your favorite holiday stocking stuffers for boys – ages 6, 11, and 13? How about for men? I’m collecting ideas!

Here are a few favorites – activity books for ages 4 – 8. Our grandsons have enjoyed variations of these.

Activity books for ages 4 - 8 that have been favorites

Not my typical kind of post, but I like it when other bloggers share insights into their favorite products, books, and such. I hope you enjoyed this “episode” in the life of …

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