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Intercessory Prayer


Several years ago, in a sermon on prayer, my husband, also my pastor at that time, encouraged us to pray on the spot when others requested prayer. He challenged us to think about how often we casually say we will pray for others but walk away, forgetting to do that very thing. I had watched him model this point in his sermon. When a friend asked him to pray, he would often take my hand, draw close to that friend, and say, “Can we do that right now?”

In response to that sermon, I started sending a brief prayer as friends texted me or shared a request on social media. The feedback has been sweet and uplifting, but, of course, that was not my goal. My goal was simply to practice casting all our cares on God in a way that would bring glory to Him and bless the lives of others.

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Writing prayers to friends and posting prayers for others to read became a way to express God’s love, inviting people to join me around the throne. Intercessory prayer is a ministry for all of us!

A Shared Posting

Today on Rachel Adams’ “The Love Offering Blog series,” I share more about this ministry of intercessory prayer. I hope you’ll check out my post there.

Thank you, @rachaeladamsauthor, for the invitation to participate and for sharing my words.


Father, you who invites us to your throne room,
Who modeled how to pray, reminding us
That even now You intercede on our behalf,
Teach us to pray,
Especially to pray for others –
A small sacrifice of time, energy, words
With such grand significance.
Hear our prayers, Lord, and answer
According to Your riches of grace freely given on our behalf.
May the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts
Be pleasing in Your sight, Our Helper and Redeemer.

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