Grateful for family reunion!

It has been a beautiful day today.  As I have thought about this post during the day, there have been many opportunities for expressing gratitude.

distanceToday is a special day for us.  Our Damen’s parents arrive today from China.  It is their first trip out of their homeland.  I am so grateful for international travel that makes it possible for Damen’s parents to travel nearly 7500 miles in just 24 hours.

Several years ago, Brad decided to live and work in Shanghai, China.  It is there that he met the love of his life.  He married Damen four years ago.  Just last December they decided to move to the States.  Obviously that makes me very happy, but I know how challenging that is for Damen’s parents.  We are delighted that they have embarked on this adventure to visit their daughter in her new home!

I am grateful today to share in this family reunion!








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