backyard symphony hall

Oh what a beautiful morning!
Oh what a beautiful day!

I spent morning and afternoon on the deck … reading, writing, gardening … listening … 

Sings one feathered friend
Another calls yoo hoo
Yet a third knocks and knocks again
Trills, whistles, clucks so true 

From the left, the right, even back stage
The melodic songs fall
As God’s creation lifts music from the page
Throughout the backyard symphony hall
~ Original, 2009

I trimmed the roses, planted trailing petunias, watered various pots.  As I read I sat beside the basil, thyme, oregano … a veritable aromatic feast!

A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
Rose plot,
Fringed pool,
Ferned grot–
The veriest school
Of peace; and yet the fool
Contends that God is not–
Not God! in gardens! when the eve is cool?
Nay, but I have a sign;
‘Tis very sure God walks in mine. 
~ Sir Thomas Brown

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