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Feasting on God’s Word

Many people think about and plan to read their Bible as the new year approaches. They hear about this or that plan or dig in with the first few chapters in Genesis. All is well until they get to the long lists in Numbers or the laws in Leviticus. Often times we run out of…

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Stephen and the Grand Narrative

Today is the second day of the twelve days of Christmas, and it is also a “holy” day marking the remembrance of Stephen. His story is told in Acts 6 – 7. Stephen was one of the first deacons in the fledgling church at Jerusalem. The scripture says he was a man of faith and…

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The Storyline of Scripture

Thinking today about reading scripture … We met with our church’s elder cohort this week. We’ve been discussing a theological vision for ministry – first from an epistemological point of view and now from a hermeneutical point of view. We talked quite a bit about our backgrounds in reading the Bible. Many of us had…

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