Most me

I am most me
Resting on his chest
Grasping his hand across the way
Trusting in his love completely

I am most me
Swapping recipes
Sharing stories at the table
Cooking, eating with family 

I am most me
Walking on the beach
Reflecting on the ebb and flow
Absorbing sparkles from the sea 

I am most me
Strolling through the woods
Contemplating God’s creation
Finding my place in majesty 

I am most me
Sitting by myself
Pondering, praying, listening
Communing with God quietly 

I am most me
Singing hymns loudly
Worshipping God with abandon
Reveling in transparency

I am most me
Opening scripture
Uncovering truth to children
Revealing God’s grand mystery

I am most me
Welcoming students
Inviting the smile of a child
Showing I care – clearly the key

I am most me
Thinking through next steps
Framing content, process, product
Planning learning activities

I am most me
Teaching a lesson
Exploring the beauty of math
Advocating numeracy

I am most me
Listening, learning
Questioning the purpose, value
Arguing for consistency

I am least me …
Following blindly, accepting without question
Waiting passively, sitting without purpose
Talking socially, conversing without structure

I am most me
Feeling out of sync – yet
Living “to thine own self be true”
Seeking out authenticity

~ original, 2008

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